Digital Inclusion for All


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics for all children

The Opportunity to Dream  

Every child must be given the opportunity to realise their dreams.

Empowering children to achieve and to aspire into careers they may never have dreamt of needs to start from a primary school level. By teaching and helping students understand about the drivers and interesting world out there that encompasses science, technology, engineering and maths not only awakens their imagination but creates an eagerness to learn and explore more. In turn these young STEM enthusiasts will one day play a vital role in become the great drivers of innovation.

At Town and Community that’s what we want the children in every region to aspire to. We do not just what them to dream we want them to realise these dreams and awaken their imaginations. We work closely with schools by supporting their teaching and management staff to explore the possibilities of integrating STEM education into their lesson planning. We also support schools by providing them with the tools and resources to enable the facilitation of STEM lessons and projects, and capture lessons learned.

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New Learning Experiences

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). We are working with the STEM Ambassador Hub North East England covering Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, County Durham and Tees Valley.

Digital Projects

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We are leading a programme to alleviate digital poverty in the North East of England starting with school children.

  • Help children's education

    Donate your redundant computer equipment and mobile phones, so we can repurpose these for children's education.

  • Provide clean water and energy

    Donate what you can to provide clean water and energy for developing communities.

  • Safe housing

    Donate what you can to provide safe housing for developing communities.