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About Town & Community

Supporting towns and communities through education, training, and employment.

Welcome to Town and Community

Town and Community Limited (TnC) is a not-for-profit Company. The purpose of TnC is to engage with the local community to develop and deliver community projects in education, carbon zero awareness, digital health, training, and employment to create self-sustaining local economies.

TnC has started canvasing communities and businesses in County Durham and North East Region to understand the priority challenges for the business community and residents. Working with the Town Councils, Town Ambassadors, and influential stakeholders in each town we will manage the projects through an agreed programme and deliver surgeries, focus groups, awareness campaigns, training, and education to revitalise the town centre and invigorate the wider community.

We have a strong focus on STEM subjects, digital creativity, and innovation in primary and secondary school education. This is aimed at opening up their minds into how different professional skills are underpinned by wide and interesting scientific, technological, engineering, and mathematical foundations.

We are also supporting young adults through training and apprenticeships with the goal of meaningful local employment. This is achieved through connecting the business community and higher education sector using projects and programmes.

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    • clean energy awareness and education

      In 2023 we will be piloting a microgrid renewable energy community outreach project in North East England. Read more...

    • Help children overseas

      In 2023 we will be piloting a digital inclusion programme, providing IT equipment and mobile phones, training, and education in Africa, starting in Kenya